Terry Allison Watches

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Terry Allison of Terry Allison Watches is a trashy ho bag cheater who will break your heart!

Don't trust Terry Allison with your heart! Terry Allison of Terry Allison Watches is a *** artist of love - thief of hearts, shoplifter of the puddy, scammer of vag

Terry Allison of Terry Allison Watches is a CHEATER. Do you hear me? He is a cheater who will break your heart.

Stay away from Terry Allison if you're smart. He likes young hos and will cheat on all of you! If you meet him, run away fast or you will end up being driven crazy when he drops you like a bad habit and disappears on you after you fall in love with him.

Don't buy Terry Allison Watches. He will only use the money he makes to cheat on more women. Avoid Terry Allison and avoid Terry Allison Watches.

Terry Allison is a ripoff ***! What a scammer getting you to fall in love with him while sleeping with lots of other women. Terry Allison should get a life and quit conning women into falling into love with him!



Now this is a real clown...


Terry allison, is a *** of the highest order, posts on watch forums, threatening to take people down etc etc, all because we love homage watches, what a ***,

Now a watch is a watch no matter who its made by, but a watch made by a company that see you coming and are happy to overcharge you, is not just a watch, its the reminder of how rolex, or many others, had you over big time.

There is nothing wrong with a homage watch, honestly made, reasonable prices, good sellers, great community, who look out for each other, and glad to say that you are not welcome.

Terry you ***, *** off and annoy someone else, you cuntox!

Denver, Colorado, United States #992868

Terry Allison is bad at cheating on women.He will get caught every time he tries.

Terry Allison is a HOOKER s**t bag *** cheater player womanizer!

Stay away from him ladies! He will cheat on you! Terry Allison of Terry Allison Watches is ***. You heard it!

***! He will break your heart if you let him. Don't trust this scammer of vaginas Terry Allison of Terry Allison Timepieces!

Terry Allison is a horrible person. He will ruin your heart if you let him.

He will get you to spread your legs wide open and then will leave you after you fall in love!

Avoid Terry Allison like the plague. If he talks to you, RUN!

You've been given good advice.Now heed this advice and avoid Terry Allison of Terry Allison Watches!


All of the reports of him being a cheater womanizer are true. Don't let Terry Allison break your heart!


I am not sure if Mr Allison is a cheating womaniser but he is well known as a *** artist in the luxury watch business, so I can well believe what you say about this sleazeball!A search of many reputable watch collector and horology forums will confirm this.

His main business was relabelling very cheap generic Chinese wristwatches to pass them off as expensive luxury watches, usually as his ‘Montres Allison’ brand.

He even gave his home address a Swiss-Germanic sounding name and implied is watches were created there.

More lately, he has created a façade that he is a designer of high-end watch movements, hence the watchmaker's headgear in the photo.He uses internet crowd funding websites to get people to invest in his ‘Made in the USA’ watches which invariably turn out to be the same stock Chinese sourced junk he is renowned for.

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